Road Freight

We have road freight customs bonds in place. We provide logistics distribution in Southern Africa, as well as cross border movements. With our road feeder service you can be sure that Procet Freight will be able to collect and deliver local and international cargo to and from South African countries notably Botswana, Lesotho, Swaziland, Zambia, Zimbabwe and Mozambique. Procet Freight will apply and get approval for your Import and export permits or certificates whenever you require us to. We handle various cargo for air freight ranging from perishables, live cargo, urgent cargo etc.

The benefits of using our Road Freight

  • Competitive edge

    We are a fully accredited customs clearing agent at the major airports, seaports & road border posts. Our network of co-loaders allows us to offer fast economic trucking options in the southern African regions

  • Expertise

    Our all-inclusive road freight service runs across a global platform manned by a team of experts uniquely skilled at overseeing overland operations, including customs requirements.

  • Traceability

    Online tracking of your freight in real time.