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What we offer.

We offer courier services with nation wide coverage.We manage supply chain processes, courier, road freight and distribution. Freight, supply chain solutions, warehousing and distribution.
Specialised Services
Live Animals; Dangerous Goods; Human Remains; Abnormal Loads ; Aircraft-On-Ground ;services in the nation, whether it is freight transportation.
Road Freight
We offer cross border & local road freight services to importers / exporters.We are able to handle bonded, normal and abnormal cargo to various African destinations.
Air and Sea Freight
We offer reliable and cost effective sea freight solutions worldwide, handling both part and full load-containers.We offer a wide range of air freight services throughout the world, including express and hazardous cargo.
Warehousing and storage
We offer Warehousing facilities which are secure, clean and professionally managed,facility for packing / unpacking containers, whether palletized or loose cargo.
Customs Clearance
We offer specialized, custom-based solutions to best fit your needs,custom clearance for Sea Freight, Air Freight or Detained Cargo (Baggage/Courier) Specialised Services

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