Air and Sea Freight

Air freight charges are normally very much higher than the cost for Sea freight, however the size, weight and nature and urgency of your commodity is taken into consideration before an assessment is made. The life span of shipment and duration of movement is also taken into consideration. Airlines offer unaccompanied baggage and cargo services to any destination in the world and for almost any cargo. Procet Freight will apply and get approval for your Import and export permits or certificates whenever you require us to. We handle various cargo for air freight ranging from perishables, live cargo, urgent cargo etc.

Ocean transit is an excellent way to import your goods into the country. Our close proximity to the major ports allows us to easily receive shipments and distribute them across the South Africa. We’ll see your shipments from origin to destination, wherever they may be. Procet Freight handles various break bulk, containerized and less container loads through our major ports of Durban, Port Elizabeth and Capetown for imports into South Africa. We also export to international destinations all over the world. These goods range from machinery, vehicles and other merchandise. Sea Freight is generally cheaper than airfreight thought it takes a while longer. We will be pleased to give you a timetable of your departure and arrival of your shipments to your intended destinations.

Air freight

  • Export and import worldwide services
  • Space guaranteed with airlines
  • Cargo insurance for all types of transports
  • Customs clearance services for both imports and exports
  • Warehousing and distribution services

Sea freight

  • Combined sea and air imports from Asia, Middle East and Oceania offers a fast and reliable service
  • FCL (full container load), export and import to/from any destination in the world
  • Project cargo management for overweight / oversized cargoes
  • Bulk (conventional) sea freight shipments